Party Bus Division

The party bus industry has grown and increased in popularity over the last few years and was completely unregulated, unlike all other passenger transport providers which are highly regulated by government legislation. 


BusWA was approached by both the Department of Transport and the Liquor Enforcement Unit to help facilitate the self-regulation of the Party Bus Industry in Perth which has grown to over 150 buses in the Perth and surrounding areas

The growth of the industry has seen a large number of new operators commence which has also bought a number of challenges.
All party bus operators were conducting their businesses with varying standards and accepting a wide degree of passenger behaviour and conduct.


    By joining the BusWA organisation, this will enable the party bus industry to become more professional, structured and operate with the same standardised practices and a code of conduct adopted by all Party Bus members.
    This is about protecting the whole party bus industry and the livelihood of all those involved.
    Without the introduction of the standardised code of conduct, the increase of party bus related violence was inevitable which could have resulted in the party bus industry being highly regulated or possibly banned completely.

    This will ensure the party bus industry is self-regulated and will remain safe and viable for years to come.

    For any Party Bus Division enquiries please call BusWA on 0418 914 815 or emailing