24 July 2020

Effective from Wednesday 25 March

will institute changes to vehicle inspections for all vehicles and types to ensure the health and safety of our employees. There will be changes to how you present the vehicle to us for inspection and by the Vehicle Examiner (VE) in his dealings with you or your driver.

The VE at all times will abide by the government policy on social distancing from other persons.

The VE when checking the interior of the vehicle will at all time wear disposable gloves 

We request that all vehicle interior touch points be thoroughly sanitized before being presented for inspection.

The Driver must remain in the vehicle at all times as per our current entry policy (that you must bring signed to the inspection).unless directed by the VE to be shown an area on the vehicle such as a Non-Conformance Critical.

The workshop or vehicle inspection area within the depot must not to be entered without authorisation from the vehicle examiner or the depot operator or the depot operator’s representative.

Drivers must follow all directions given by the vehicle examiner when entering the workshop or vehicle inspection area, to present the vehicle for inspection. The vehicle examiner will advise the driver when to stop and start the vehicle, when to apply parking and other brakes.

There must be no passengers in the bus at all times during a vehicle inspection. Passengers who may travel with the driver must be offloaded outside of the inspection premises before entering

Failure by you or your driver to observe any of the above conditions may result in your inspection being discontinued immediately.

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